Cutting Felt with the Cricut Machine!

You can use craft squares from craft store.

Choose felt for the project.
 I like to use the bulk felt that is on the stiffer side
and that isn't too fuzzy.

You will need a good hot iron!
Cut felt to 12 X 12 or to the size of your Cricut mat

Then cut the interfacing the same size as your felt.

Iron glue side down (paper should be upright) with a dry
hot iron.  Make sure to really get the corners!

Make sure that the Heat & Bond is completely adhered
You might want to put something under the felt so your
iron board doesn't get messed up.
Peel the paper away from the felt.  You can see the shiny
interface on the felt.  Some people say keep the paper on, but this
gets way too messy on your cutting mat!

Use a new blade and the deep cut casing.  This is the blue casing!

Put on the cutting mat just like you would your paper,
be sure to put interface down on the mat
and felt side up.  

Be sure to really smooth it out and that there are no bubbles.
Load into the Cricut and make your cut.
I use max speed, max pressure and 6 on the dial.

Here are your cuts!

You can iron the cut out felt pieces right on your paper and it will adhere or use our regular bonding glue.  I usually iron it on.  It works great!  This is a sneak peak of the blog hop coming up on 9/22/12!

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