Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Are you Creative?

When I tell people that I love to paper craft (or craft at all), usually one of the first things I hear is, "Oh, I am not that creative!" It really had me thinking a lot as the end of last year approached. What makes a person creative?  Is it an innate ability or a practiced skill that gives you the confidence to try new ways to be creative? I think it is both!

In December, I attended the launch of the CTMH Seasonal Expression Idea Book in PA.  The new product is absolutely beautiful, but the thing that stood out most, in this Idea Book, is the kits that are available to first time or beginner crafters.  Let me tell you, they will make you look like a pro! They are Pinterest worthy creations, all in one kit, that will have you smiling when completed.  They are easy, fun, and may I say BEAUTIFUL! They are the kits that might change your response to, "Hey, I love to paper craft as well!"

To see the amazing kits available, click here

For the month of January in honor of Paper Crafting Month, CTMH made available this beautiful wreath kit.  This is truly a wonderful way to jump into crafting without a huge financial commitment and a project that can be completed in several hours. 

To get more information about ordering your kit, please click here!

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