Friday, July 22, 2011

Card and Gift Bag Combo

I have a precious friend who is known for how she wraps presents.  In fact, when there is a gift table, everyone can point out her signature wrap.  It is elegant, simple and beautiful.  You just know that the gift inside is going to be as thoughtful and meaningful.  She is an inspiration.  Making card and gift bag combinations are a great way to tell a person that you really put extra care and love in the gift.   Here is a quick attempt at coordinating the two.  

Card and gift bag set


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  2. Michelle, it is actually way cuter in person. The camera shot doesn't pick up some of the smaller details. I put glitter clue on some of the cherries and leaves to add bling bling. It was so much fun! Not only was it fun, it was economical. I used a 50% coupon from AC Moore on the white bag bundle (13 count) for $3.00 and the 50 count blank card and envelope set for $3.50. This project took about 15 minutes (including clean up time).